Finalist - Outstanding Acrylic
June 2010

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

House of Seven Gables (Salem, MA)
Well here is another Salem scene. The famous House of Seven Gables . I finally got to tour it a few weeks back. I am also reading the novel by Hawthorne so I felt the need to paint it with a moody twilight atmosphere. I love the work of the Victorian painter Atkinson Grimshaw, and I was trying to get that feeling in this one.


Shant said...

Wow! very moody and yet not dark, its very colorful.

Larry Seiler said...

nice feel about your work, Dennis...I can sense the air which is important in scenes not so much for realism as for REAL'ness..

like this one, caught my eye...your Pierce Island piece has nice light as well!!! Good stuff...

Kris Shanks said...

I really like this one. You've handled the tree in front of the house really well - it really adds to the air of mystery

Paintdancer said...

Wonderful rendering and atmosphere. Gives me the willies!