Finalist - Outstanding Acrylic
June 2010

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well I had a good day down in Gloucester yesterday so I am posting the two paintings that I did of a boat called The Westwind which was up on the rails at Rocky Neck. The first painting is 8 x 10" and was done from in back of some small shacks and assorted nets and junk. I love to paint all that riff raff!
The second was done from in front of the boat and shows a little of the skyline of Gloucester and the twin blue towers of Our Lady of Good Voyage in the far distance. This painting is 12 x 16" . I will take the best offer on either of these, and no they will not be on Ebay this time. Just contact me through this blog or at my website. I will show the small painting in my upcoming solo show, and the second one may find it's way to gallery quite soon. Go ahead, make me an offer....
Today I will be painting in Portsmouth and teaching as well. Weather is great with more than a hint of fall now!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This painting is currently in the North Shore Arts Association Show, Exhibition III . It is an oil on canvas 24'' x 30'' . It is based on an old black and white photo.

Hoping for some clearing weather today to get out to paint. I am teaching a class this afternoon.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here is another miniature painting that will be up for bid on ebay. It is called "Showers on Newbury Street"

Friday, August 25, 2006


There will be a popular Christmas gift item on display in the gallery throughout this weekend. We will be talking advance orders for this. My artwork is featured and it is a very unique item and would make a nice gift.
It is raining right now and that is perfect weather for gallery browsing.
There are many small ''postcard paintings" on display. 100 for $100.00.....
I will be listing them for bids on the internet as well.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I will now enter the world of blogging and set up shop for my small paintings to be sold online.
I have a nice gallery in North Berwick, Maine. It is a quaint little village in York County and this week there is a celebration for the 175th anniversary of the town. There will be many of these small works here so stop by if you are in the area.
Examples will be posted here of small paintings that will be for sale. This one is a 4 x 6 inch acrylic called "Flood Waters at Doughty Falls" bid starts at$100.00

There is still time to take my outdoor (plein air ) classes too. We paint in various locations throughout Southern Maine. Get your paint box and join in!