Finalist - Outstanding Acrylic
June 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010


A portrait I have been working on for about three weeks now. It is 18 x 18" in oils.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Yellow Farmhouse

This is my painting after I had it blow off my easel and land face down in the weeds and dirt. After a little scraping with my palette knife (which also helped the painting...) it was fine.
It is a 12 x 16" oil on canvas panel.

Wind Gusts

Here are Erinn and Richard at work on Saturday afternoon off route 9 in North Berwick.
We had a windy conditions all afternoon.

Rodney painting on Sunday

Here is Rodney painting on Sunday afternoon at a farm on Morill Mills road.
Richard is in the background.

Richard painting

Here is Richard in deep thought about his painting. Either that or he had to close his eyes from a wind gust. We had a lot of that all weekend!

Morning Light on Lebanon Road

Here is the painting back in the studio. I have not worked on it yet, so this is all from yesterday morning's session from 9:30-12:30.

Photo of the scene Feb. 21,2010

Here is a photo of the scene.

Block in on Sunday Morning

Her is my block in for a painting done on Sunday morning as part of my three day workshop this weekend. We had sunny but windy conditions for most of the time but we all had fun.
This painting was done at the corner of Card Mill Road and Lebanon Road in North Berwick.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Up in the Back Fields

Here is the painting as it stands from the session. I will work it up a bit more in the studio.
I like the afternoon warm glow against the shadows and cooler tones in the foreground. It has a subtle color range.

Sunday's location

This is the location for Sunday's painting. It is the same farm from Tuesday but way down on the other side of the property up against the tree line.

A blocking in

Another wind chill day on Sunday but temps were a bit warmer around 35 so it was only a wind chill of 24 or so. Gusts at times were pretty rugged. We chose to stay near a tree line to help block the wind. It worked for most of the time. Again Richard was out on location with me.

Back in the Studio

I made some changes back in the studio. I decided even though the branch was broken on the tree in the foreground it was an awkward way to paint it. I decided to give it back some life and added another branch or two. I cleaned up the edges and design of snow in the middle ground and refined the trees more.
I worked for about an hour and a half in the studio.

Through the Trees

This is my painting on the easel at the location looking through the trees at the Segal Farm.
In the studio I decided to make a few changes away from the location.
The painting is 20 x 28" and I worked for about three hours on this one.

Another location

This is the afternoon painting location over in Wells. Here is Caleb working on his painting.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feeding the Gulls

This painting is a small 6 x 8" acrylic of Wells beach in the winter .
To bid on this click here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cape Ann Artists

That is my long time friend Caleb Stone painting with me on location yesterday in North Berwick. A glorious winter day for painting. Started out at around 20 but temps got up to near 40 by mid day.

February 9th the morning painting...

That's me on the top of the hill painting the morning light yesterday in North Berwick.
The painting is 18 x 18" .

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

February Sunshine 16 x 20" oil on canvas

This is the final version of the painting worked up a little more in the studio without the wind chill! I refined the trees and decided to lower the value in the foreground area. I worked a bit more on the design in the shadows and some edges needed to be softer on the driveway.

Monday, February 08, 2010


This is the only brave (or crazy) student to paint with me yesterday: Richard Schmid .
I liked his comp better than mine actually because of his slower lead in with the driveway curve. Different concept and better result I think.
A tip of the hat to a new member of the hardcore winter painters group.Good job Richard- the other Richard Schmid would be proud of you.
I am from Cape Ann and have always been crazy to be out in the cold.We are just brought up that way down there... Always trying to bring in new members to the club ,ha,ha!
Outdoor sessions continue every Sunday afternoon from 1-4pm. For the indoor people who want to stay warm- Saturdays from 10:30-1:3opm in my studio and I have a wood pellet stove.
Three day winter workshop coming up Feb. 19-21 (no indoor class that weekend -sorry unless it rains or snows of course)
Paint all day for three days. See my web site for more info:

Stage two

Here is the stage pretty close to the end. the setting sun would make the foreground shadows creep across and force the light back up on the house.

Early stages

This is early on in the painting but I wish I had moved the house up and had a slower line leading in. Now it has to become a tree study. A little uncertain of the concept was the problem here looking back on it. I almost painted more sky so I could feature the trees height. That may also have been interesting.

Wind chill Sunday Feb. 7th

This is the scene for yesterday's painting in Wells, ME.
Wind chills were a factor making it feel like 10 degrees or so.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Last Light at Stonington

This painting is an acrylic on canvas that I have worked up from a small study called Warm Glow, Stonington" a 6 x 8" acrylic that is currently in a show at the Copley Society of Boston.
This larger version is 24 x 30" and will be shown this summer at the Blue Hill Bay Gallery in Blue Hill, ME.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Harbor House, East Gloucester 14 x 18"

And this is the painting at the end of the session. Back in the studio I may refine some edges and work it up a bit more. Not really sure that comp on this one works that well, but it is a nice color study anyway. It was a nice mood in the late afternoon. Of course I would like to have seen more snow...

Mid way stages

Here I have worked up the storage shed on the right and the curved roof and sharpened the tree shadows across the roof. Soon the cloud cover would move in so I was happy to get the shadows in before that.

The Block In

My canvas was 14 x 18" and I began to block in with simple warm and cool colors of the right values. I liked the shapes of the roof lines and the warm distant hills of Gloucester.

View at the Harbor House

This is where some friends and I worked yesterday in Gloucester. Two artist friends of mine, Caleb Stone and Chris Coyne and myself set up at the top of this view on a little side street in East Gloucester.
Sunny and cold to start but clouds came in later in the afternoon.